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Here's WA State Supreme Court Ruling That Supports Our Efforts

The state supreme court has noted that home-rule county control of elections is specifically exempt from a separate constitutional provision imposing uniform standards on elections. 25 It is unclear, however, whether the state legislature may preempt home-rule counties with respect to elections if it does so expressly. 26

25 E.g., Henry v. Thorne, 602 P.2d 354, 355 (Wash. 1979) (“The amendment expressly provides that any county adopting a home rule charter is exempt from the uniform election provisions of article 11, section 5 (amendment 57).”).

26 Id. at 881 (“[C]ounty home rule expressed the intent of the people of this state to have ‘the right to conduct their purely local affairs without supervision by the state, so long as they abided by the provisions of the constitution and did not run counter to considerations of public policy of broad concern, expressed in general laws.’”) 

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Talking Points - The REC Initiative will require:

- Chain of custody for ballots, which there’s currently none, and the last election they were off by 3,700 in their "estimation." They do require a final reporting but not during the collecting process and on election day, when the largest amount of ballots come in, they are allowed to "estimate" how many ballots they have in their possession.

- The Auditors to take “active measures” to ensure ballots sent & counted are legitimate. Currently, they just send out ballots, like the illegitimate ballot to the illegal citizen who voted for 20+ years in 28 different elections in Clark County. 

- A post-election audit starting the November 2024 election. In 2022, recounts discovered an error rate of 1 out of every 742 ballots that the current post-election “audit” missed. 

- Cameras in ballot processing and over ballot drop box areas for transparency and to maintain chain of custody.  These cameras will be recording and will be available for public records requests.

- Common sense reforms that will make a big difference!

WA Secretary Of State Website link describing gathering signatures at shopping centers

"The courts' decisions depended on several factors but the most important factor was whether the business in question had a policy of permitting or welcoming non-commercial, community or political activities onto the property. The courts have characterized this as maintaining a policy of allowing charitable, civic and political groups to use designated "public service centers" on the property."

2015 "Honest Elections" Initiative In Seattle Shows It Can Be Done

A very left-leaning initiative that targeted election rules and procedures in Seattle demonstrates that the Restore Election Confidence Initiative here in Clark County has a legal runway.  Some have tried to say that the REC initiative here in Clark County does too many things and could violate the "one subject" rule of the Constitution.  Well, if that's the case, then how many "subjects" did the Honest Elections of Seattle initiative violate?

What did "Honest Elections Seattle" initiative do:

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